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Meet Hector From Disney Pixar Coco | Disneybound & Printables

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Last year our family set out to watch Moana in theaters on Thanksgiving day and this year we were we’re excited to do the same for Disney Pixar Coco so I’m hoping that going forward, Disney decides to release animated films on Thanksgiving day because this is definitely a new family tradition this Disney-obsessed Mom can embrace!

We also have fun Family Disney Movie Marathon weekends during the holidays including recipes and printable games and of course did  the same with when Cars 3 came to DVD!!

Relive the magic of Coco once again with the trailer:

Already, my 6 year old has identified with Miguel’s sidekick, Hector and has dubbed him his ‘favorite character’ so I thought it would be fun to do a little digging and find out Hector’s story!

Hector, voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal, is a charming trickster in the Land of the Dead, who wants to cross the bridge of marigolds on Dia de los Muertos so he can visit his family.  Unfortunately if a loved one hasn’t put your photo up on an ofrenda (offering) then there will be no one available in the Land of the Living to meet you and you’re unable to cross over.

Miguel and Hector agree to help one another out; Hector will help him find Ernesto de la Cruz and Miguel will help take Hectors photo back to the family’s ofrenda.

Hector Printable Coloring Page

Budget DisneyBound as Hector

Over the weekend I was working on putting together a Moana Disneybound outfit for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip and my son asked what I was doing.

He asked if he could help me create a Disneybound outfit for Hector and I was happy to oblige.  Everything in this collection is inspired by my 6 year old, Zach!

It’s also inspired by my commitment to keeping things real and affordable, so all of these items won’t break the budget either!



As a base, these destroyed brown denim skinny jeans fit the bill while the Skeleton Skull Bones printed tank top  depicts Hectors lanky, boney body topped with the ultra-lightweight Rubyk open-front tuxedo blazer

For the neckline, you could either do Hector’s signature scarf with this red silk square neckerchief or you could go more symbolic with this adorable acoustic guitar pendant

Now, how else are you going to carry your ofrenda photo to the Land of the Living, without a tote bag?  The Acoustic Guitar handbag is the perfect accessory and finally, to top it off, a straw fedora and you’re channeling Hector!

Grab This Fun Disney Pixar Coco Printable Maze

So, while you wait for Disney Pixar Coco to arrive in theaters, be sure to print out the Hector coloring page for your kiddos and then try to see if they can help Dante the Xoloitzcuintli (Xolo) find his way through the marigolds to Miguel!




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