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A Moana Disneybound for Your Disney Cruise

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I’ve been a huge fan of Moana over the last year and I’ve always loved the idea of Disneybounding in the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Disneybounding is a subtle way to pay homage to your favorite characters.

I always want to be sure I’m choosing options that I can easily incorporate into my regular wardrobe. 

That’s why this Moana Disneybound outfit offers the best of both worlds!

Each item in this Moana Disneybound will fit seamlessly into my current wardrobe but come together in a fun way for a day of park-hopping or even on your next Disney Cruise of course!


Where to Get These Moana Disneybound Items

While this exact shirt is no longer available, the seller has switched it out for something similar. I actually prefer the replacement to the one depicted above. The off-the-shoulder top will work well with jeans, shorts or a cute maxi!   

Casual walking-shorts! Can’t go wrong with these!

A strappy Gladiator sandal works well for so many outfits, summery dresses, jeans and of course this Disneybound outfit.

I absolutely love this agate pearl pendant necklace from Ollio. It is the perfect statement piece to an off the shoulder top or strappy summer dress.

The Paluma vintage fringe cellphone/wallet crossbody is great for quick trips out and about when you don’t want to carry a large handbag. It is especially great for those days in the parks when all you need is some cash or a credit card and your phone/camera!: 




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