5 Books You NEED in Your Homeschool Library

Ok, so need is a strong word.  But, we are loving these books!

For those just beginning to look into homeschooling or unschooling, these five books are great for the elementary level (and beyond).

They are gentle with neutral, muted tones and perfect to incorporate into nature school or a Waldorf-inspired home.

We’ve been enjoying using these as a jumping-off point for

Art, Poetry, Science and Geography. 

Animalium — presents the animal kingdom in glorious detail with illustrations from Katie Scott


Botanicum is a wonderful feast of botanical knowledge complete with superb cross sections of how plants work

Maps features not only borders, cities, rivers, and peaks, but also places of historical and cultural interest, eminent personalities, iconic animals and plants, cultural events, and many more fascinating facts associated with every region of our planet.


 The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry brings the animals of the forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, rivers, seas, and even your own backyard to life on every page.



Eric Carle‘s Animals, Animals brilliant and colorful collage designs bring to life animal poems from such diverse sources as Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, and Jack Prelutsky, as well as Bible verses, Japanese haiku, American Indian poems and more













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