Our Homeschool Kindergarten Favorites

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While we’re slowly transitioning to a Waldorf inspired home and homeschool, there are a few purchases and changes we’ve made to our Kindergarten that I wanted to share with you all today!  See how we’re incorporating Waldorf into our home decor.

The evolution of our homeschool space has been a process to say the least; right now we do “school” throughout the entire house, including the backyard, kitchen, dining room, living room and office.

I’ve slowly been incorporating more rhythm and purpose to our days as I’m leaning toward Waldorf but of course the beauty of homeschool is that you can take apects of various philosophies and tailor them to your life and educational goals.

In a perfect world, I would do away with many of the screens in our home, but given that much of what I do personally is social media based and we do enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime and can’t miss The Walking Dead in our home, going completely media free is not an option.

While the majority of my Kindergartners education will be unschooling/Waldorf Inspired (See how I created a very Waldorf-inspired Christmas around his Medieval Times interest) 

there’s a certain bit of structure that I am trying to implement and much of the educational plan that we follow incorporates educational videos and online educational websites.  

For the longest time, my son was using my desktop to accomplish this but after purchasing a new laptop, the desktop became his.  And, that my friends, is what spurred the next few purchases!

If you give a boy a desktop, he’s going to need a keyboard and mouse right?

 When I found the Plugable USB Kids Keyboard I knew it had to be ours.

The keys are large and color-coded, the plastick lightweight yet durable.  Likewise, the adorable turtle shaped mouse was a must-buy.  The shipping takes a bit longer from overseas, but it’s inexpensive and so worth it.

It is important to note that some reviews on the mouse mentioned that it only works on older laptops; it is a USB wired-mouse, so that is another thing to consider. We love it though!


Unfortunately for my son, the desktop stayed on the floor for the longest time, I’m ashamed to admit, because we just couldn’t find the perfect desk for him; everything was either not kid-friendly, too garish in color if it was kid friendly or didn’t fit our home esthetic at all.  (minimalist-eclectic-boho-hippie-Marrakesh-inspired if you’re taking notes at home)

For a while we thought we found the perfect one, the IKEA Pahl desk with hutch, but the flat rate $349 shipping was a bit of a deterrent; we don’t have a local IKEA in Charleston, nor did I feel like traveling to Atlanta or Charlotte.

We ultimately settled on the Wild Zoo Furniture Wooden Computer Desk and couldn’t be happier.  It arrive quickly and my 5 year old, with the help of his almost 19 year old brother (GASP, I have a grown son) put it together in about an hour!


As homeschoolers we spend a LOT of time in the car; we enjoy traveling and take about two to three weeks vacation per year, usually in the form of road trips. Other times we’re in the car traveling from homeschool co-op event to event, or to museums, plantations or parks.

All that time in the car means that preparation is essential, especially with an antsy 5 year old!   To follow are a few of my favorite items to bring with us when we take our homeschool on the road.

The Kurio Kids Tablet has been a life-saver during downtime on vacation or just around the house. It comes pre-loaded with educational apps and parental controls that allow you to track your childs usage, block certain sites and monitor their use of the apps.

The Kidizoom Camera is perfect for little hands and durable for even the toughest of kids!  We found ours at Walmart and it’s been a lot of fun for little man to use.  Picture quality is decent, not amazing but for the kiddos, it’s usually just about taking the pictures.  They can also play games, make movies and add screens and filters to their photos.  My son loves using his while on vacation.

Kidzinger Infusing Water Bottle is the perfect accompaniement to the park or playground, we enjoy it for hot Summer field trips. Just add a half slice of lemon or orange to the bottom, juice it and just like that, infused water!

Yumbox has been a favorite for a while now but even more so on our homeschool nature days, my son takes pride in helping prep his lunch the night before and the cute compartments make lunchtime in the woods so much more fun. Plus, zero waste is always a good thing!

Now when you’re stuck in a vehicle for 5-7 hours, headphones are going to be a necessity and these Star Wars – The Force Awakens BB8 Headphones fit the bill perfectly, these were a gift from Grandma and little man absolutely loves them!

I do hope this Fall Kindergarten Favorites list has been helpful or at least shown you a few new products to consider; it is important to note that any links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small bit of compensation should you decide to purchase using the links.

Over the course of the school year I will be sharing what we’ve been using and loving or using an disliking in our Kindergarten, I do hope you’ll come back to see what we’ve been up to.  





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