A Writing Curriculum for Every Age

This is a sponsored post from WriteShop that contains affiliate links.  I received compensation from WriteShop in exchange for my honest review of the writing curriculum.

I truly enjoy playing an active role in my child’s learning, the sense of confidence and feeling of accomplishment when he figures something out or discovers a new way to do something is amazing to witness as a parent.

The challenge of comes when we want to ensure we’re doing everything within our power to ensure we’re on the right path.  

There’s a bit of self-doubt sometimes around certain subjects.

WriteShop understands the challenges of teaching writing and the curriculum basically shows you how to teach your child to write regardless of their age with step-by-step lessons.


WriteShop offers resources for all ages, kindergarten through high school

  • WriteShop Primary will help your child feel confident in their skills through picture books, games & crafts to make writing fun.
  • WriteShop Junior designed for the upper-elementary level introduced various genres and incorporates fun games.
  • WriteShop I and II is for older students in middle school and high school and covers essays , compositions and editing and proofreading.

We’re using Book B for First grade, which is part of the WriteShop Primary series geared for Kindergarten – 3rd grade; however they’re fully customizable and are available for all grade levels and ages. 

WriteShop Primary


WriteShop Junior


Watch my full flip through video here:






Spin-a-Story StoryBuilders help jumpstart a creative writing project by providing kids with the basic elements of a story—character, character trait, setting, and plot. These printable spinners inspire tear-free, enthusiastic creative writing.

Even your most reluctant student will beg for StoryBuilders!

This freebie includes 4 spinners in both full color and grayscale options (8 spinners total) plus complete directions for how to use them.

  • Exciting Adventures Spinner
  • Animal Adventures Spinner
  • Fantasy & Fairy Tales Spinner
  • Historical Adventures Spinner

Spin three times to find out your CHARACTER, SETTING, and a SITUATION. Once you have your three elements, it’s up to you to create the whole story! Here’s an example from the Animal Adventures Spinner:

1st spin for CHARACTER: a jungle animal
2nd spin for SETTING: in an abandoned building
3rd spin for PLOT: hears a cry for help

Spinners may be used by students of various ages. Though they are designed for grades 3-8, younger children and even teens can enjoy them too.

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