Kindergarten Middle Ages Homeschool Resources

Earlier in the year I was inspired by our weekly homeschool co-op group, to create a Castle & Knight theme for my son.

The topic happened to come up in the Spring and I figured it would be an interesting and fun topic for us to pursue not only during co-op, but also at home.

And pursue we did.

What follows in the coming weeks is the epitome of what homeschooling means for us; the ability to choose a topic of interest and learn as little or in our case, as much as possible about it.

We started our Kindergarten Middle Ages study in the Spring of 2016 and only now, with Christmas around the corner, is my five-year olds interest starting to dwindle ever so slightly.

I began with a few books and puzzles from Usborne including: Look Inside a Castle which my 5 year old absolutely adored. Each page is a peek into the inner workings and rooms of a castle, he learned so much from that and the Independent Reader book Castles as well.


One of my favorite authors for homeschool unit study books is Gail Gibbons, and her Knights in Shining Armor did not disappoint. From the Scholastic website:  A profile of medieval knighthood describes the skills, armor, and weapons utilized by knights. Includes brief retellings of stories about such famous knights as Sir Lancelot and Saint George.


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We also incorporated a bit of our Waldorf-inspired curriculum into this study and made chalk-drawings outside in the driveway.

The chalk drawings aim to inspire and draw the child in, as you tell the story – they’re meant to stay on the board, or in our case on the ground to continue to let the child relive the experience and become part of the learning.

My son did just that as noted in the photo, he lay on the ground pretending to hold the chalk sword he drew.

It’s amazing and wonderful how engaged he is when we learn in this way.


I also incorporated the Middle Ages into some non-electronic toys for his Christmas list this year.  A few of the books we’ve used over the last few months, including the Castle Slot Together Puzzle and My Very First Castles Book are no longer available but I’ve inserted a video of the Slot-Together Castle book.


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