Waldorf-Inspired Toys For Your Middle Ages Obsessed Child

Christmas for my 5 year old this year, in addition to being as minimalist and electronics-free as possible will also incorporate what has been his favorite theme this year; The Middle Ages.

In keeping with my transition to a more Waldorf-inspired homeschool, they’re also non-plastic, batteries NOT required, wooden toys and I’m so excited to share them with you.

The first three item are from Etsy seller: Toy Maker to the Kings!  This adorable wooden shield comes pre-made and I know Zach is going to love it.

We’ve made several different shields from cardboard and he’s also made his very own creations, so something sturdy like this that he can either paint and customize or leave as is, is going to be perfect!


The next two items are also from the same seller; a build your own Castle Kit and Sword Kit, the instructions look easy and this will be a great project for dad and/or big brother to help with.  I’m excited for him to have something that he can make himself, to instill that sense of pride and accomplishment!



From Toy Maker To The Kings Etsy page:  This is a castle kit that you and your child can build together. The castle contains the entry, 4 Towers, & 3 other walls to make a completely enclosed castle. The walls and towers are separate so you can arrange them anyway your child likes. All the pieces are rough cut to size and ready to be glued, nailed and sanded. The kit includes everything you need, except a pencil, ruler and hammer.




From the Etsy sellers page: The (sword) kit comes with photo instructions, sand paper and all the wooden parts to make this great sword. The only items that you will need is a hammer and glue. Any glue that lists wood on the label will work. Blade and handle is one piece for strength.  





Now, what would a woodworking 5 year old be without his tools?  That’s why I picked up the Grip 9 Piece Childrens Tool Kit; I love that it comes with it’s own carrying case – so he can be just like Dad!  So adorable!



Next up is from Etsy Seller FromJennifer, some really darling wooden toys that will be great for indoor play when it gets too cold to head outdoors (which in our part of South Carolina means for about 2 weeks in February)  This sling-shot is crafted from maple and features 5 felted wool balls; great for safe indoor play!



I also grabbed the ash wood 18″ Bow & Arrow set; again for indoor play (see below for what Daddy picked up for outdoor play)   This wooden set is available in the larger size, as pictured and also a smaller 12″ version for children younger than six years old.



What’s a bow and arrow without a quiver, though right? Jennifer has that covered with the felt quiver. I also grabbed three extra arrows to extend his play time a bit as well!  xmas7



All the way from Russia, Etsy seller LenaAndSasha offers this fantastic Waldorf-inspired wooden Knight Set; I am so excited to see this when it arrives and I know that little man is going to flip when he sees it. I think it’s the perfect accompaniment to the DIY castle above and he is going to be in Middle Ages heaven when he opens these gifts!



Finally, rounding out the Middle Ages inspired gifts, Daddy picked up the Lil Banshee Bow & Arrow set from Amazon a few days ago and then headed out to the tractor supply store for some hay so we can mount the target on the stacked hay in our backyard.  I really feel like this electronics-free Christmas is truly going to be a hit with little man, and am excited to try something new that I’m confident he will be over the moon about!

Coming up in a few days, be sure to check out my Lego and Star Wars Holiday Gift Guides as well as options for the Crunchy Mamas, Dads who have everything, the eclectic teen, culinary college student and the vegan hippie teen in your life.  Such is my Crazy Busy Family Life, we’ve got a little bit of everything and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  Happy Holidays!!




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